Improv Comedy workshops are brilliant for
Improving work presentations
Creating strong leadership-methods
Sisse Gram de Fries

Sisse Gram de Fries

The workshop is facilitated by Sisse Gram de Fries who is a two times Danish Champion in improv theatre. She has been performing with her improv group, Den Lalleglade Brigade, since 2009. She has done more than 300 shows in the biggest theatres in Denmark and has been working as a TV-host and actress on DR and TV2.

Besides her acting career Sisse has been working as an artist in Cirkus and studied “Improv and Comedy Theory” at “Second City Academy” in Chicago. She also has a master’s degree in journalism and works as a radio host at Radio4. 


A great tool for businesses

Improve Comedy-workshops are a great tool for businesses, because of their ability to make co-workers communicate in new ways and teach them to be more open minded towards each other. It also facilitates an atmosphere where new creative ideas come to life and where unknown potential can be found.

Comedy Zoo’s workshop contains:

  • Learning to have confidence in your own ideas and how to build them even bigger
  • Improve your relationship with your colleagues, when experiencing what you can accomplish as a team in a supportive environment
  • Using your own authenticity when performing- both alone and as a team
  • Your ability to use mistakes to create something even better than your original thought
  • To let go of control and trust your creativity in the present moment
  • Communicate with your colleagues in a new way, that creates more creative storytelling
  • Sharpening your appearance and confidence when giving work presentations