Judah Friedlander

Future President 2019 World Tour

Fresh from his critically acclaimed 84 minute stand-up performance film America Is the Greatest Country In the United States (Netflix, 2017), Judah Friedlander makes his return to Comedy Zoo as part of his Future President world tour. Last time Judah visited us, he was so fund of the Danish audience at Comedy Zoo, that he decided to show up for the annual ZULU Comedy Galla at the Opera of Copenhagen the next day… Now he’s visiting Copenhagen again, and we’re more than excited to start off 2020 by welcoming him back on stage at Comedy Zoo.

Judah’s new show is thematically similar to America Is the Greatest Country In the United States but with all different material. It is hilarious, profound satire on America, the world, and all its human rights issues. With crazy dead-pan one-liners and uproariously engaging, innovative crowd work, Judah will tell you why he should be the future President of the United States - and will invite you to ask him questions about his Presidential platform. As a comedian, Judah is anti-establishment, never preachy, and unlike anyone you’ve seen. In addition to his 30 year stand-up career, Judah has acted in over 30 films including his acclaimed performance in American Splendor, plus roles in The Wrestler and Meet the Parents. His hundreds of TV appearances include 7 seasons on the multiple Emmy award-winning 30 Rock. Don’t miss this rare Copenhagen appearance from a master comic at the top of his game.


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